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Goody's Story

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Once upon a time on a clear night, a little boy was looking through his father's telescope. It was one of the most powerful telescopes on Earth. Suddenly, he saw something very strange. He focused the telescope to get a better look and saw a planet that had never been noticed by even the best astronomers in the world. Could it be? He thought to himself...Impossible!  But it was true! He didn't know what to do or think. Could there be life on this planet?  His father was a scientist, so he ran in to tell him about his exciting discovery. At first, his father dismissed his story because he himself had combed the entire galaxy for decades looking for something new. The boy insisted that his father look into the telescope. Finally, his father went outside and climbed up the tower to where the telescope was set up. He looked into the telescope and rubbed his eyes in disbelief. He was glued to the telescope for what seemed like hours. Finally, he pulled back from the scope, looked at his son and said, "If I didn't see it with my own eyes I never would have believed it!" He then told his son something that he had never told anyone before. He knew this was the right time and he could trust his only son. He told his son that for the past thirty years he had secretly been building a space craft in the hopes of finding life on other planets. His father took him to the secret room that housed the special craft.  He said it was time to fly at warp speed to the new planet. His son was in total shock that his dad had built such an amazing space ship and they were going to travel in it together in the hopes of finding new life. After a bumpy take off, before they knew it, they were traveling towards the very planet the boy had discovered. Soon, they were approaching the new planet's atmosphere. Although they were nervous, for some reason they felt completely safe and calm. The father was able to make a nice, smooth landing. They both looked at each other thinking, "Now what? Do we actually get out and explore ?"  Without a second thought, they hopped out and right in front of them was this beautiful, massive castle. Before they could a say a word to each other the gigantic wooden doors began to open!  As they stood in astonishment trying to peek into the castle, a powerful voice rang out... "Greetings!   I am King Goody!" The father and son looked at one another and they didn't know if this was real or just a dream.  But it wasn't a dream... They immediately said to the King, "We come in peace." The King chuckled and said, "Of course you do, or I would have never opened the door." They all laughed so hard their bellies hurt.  After their long laugh the King said, "Please sit down and I will tell you everything there is to know about theplanet of Goodness. "Planet of Goodness?" they asked. "Yes ," the King said. "The Planet of Goodness and I am King Goody. I am the King of all the millions of Goodys who live here. Now come with me."  They followed the king up a magnificent set of stairs and out to a balcony. What they saw took their breath away. It was the most outrageous coliseum, filled withmillions of Goodys the king had mentioned. The King turned to both of them and said he always knew one day someone kind would discover them. The king brought them back into his castle and sat them down. He told them that he would never be able to share his goodness and all his Goodys until he was certain they would never be in any danger. King Goody told the father and son that after speaking with them he knew that the people of Earth would never harm a Goody. The King told the father and son to take a Goody with them back to Earth. The King said, "We are filled with so much Goodness that it would be a shame not to share it." The father and son eagerly agreed. They said goodbye to King Goody and off they went back to Earth, carrying a Goody with them. During their journey the little Goody told them exactly what a Goody can do. All the father and son knew from the King was that they were filled with Goodness. They had no idea just how much. The little Goody told them what was hidden underneath his cape. Goody lifted up his cape and showed them what they called a secret magic pouch. They asked Goody, "What goes in the pouch?" That's when they found out just how much goodness they actually posessed. Goody said he had never been able to use the secret magic pouch until now.  Goody told them who ever posesses a Goody will receive a secret, fun and positive note filled with Goodness once a week fromKing Goody!  On very special occasions a tiny gift may be left in my pouch as well! The father and son looked at each other and said, "We need to get the message out to every family on Earth!  As soon as the parents find out about this, everyone will want a Goody and they can finally share their Goodness!" Soon after Goody finished his story they landed back on Earth. It was very late, so they snuck back in the house and went right to bed. Of course, the son had Goody sleep right next to him and held him close. When the sun rose, the father went in to wake his son, only to find him already awake, holding Goody in one hand and a folded note in the other. They both stared down at that note and the son said, "I found this in Goody's secret magic pouch. I waited for you so we can read it together." The father sat down next to his son and Goody as they unfolded the note. It read, "Dear Dominick, your dad is so proud of you for finding the Planet of Goodness. You are an amazing boy. Now, every family can have their very own Goody.  


King Goody