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"Goody is a fun way to teach responsibility, reward, and initiative"


Greetings parents of Earth! my name is King Goody. After receiving an urgent call from your planet, I called an emergency meeting! I told all my goodys that earth needed us and to immediately fly down at warp speed to share the power of goody.  when a goody lands in your home he will be your child's buddy who delivers a fun,  confidence building note once a week for you and your child to read and they will be hidden in goody's secret magic pouch.  sometimes ...on a very special occasion, a tiny gift may be found in the secret magic pouch. 

having a Goody will help build your child's self-esteem and confidence along with strengthening family bonds and communication.

Every child needs a little Goody in their life.

Every family needs a little Goody in their life.

Get your Goody today and enjoy all the goodness that Goody will bring to your whole family.

1-877-22GOODY (46639)

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